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VA Guru Helps Busy Professionals Get More Done – In Work And Life!

Most business owners have more tasks to complete in their workdays than they can manage.

We help such super-busy professionals rediscover what they love and love what they do. We take time-consuming, low-value tasks off their hands so they can focus on what really matters – growing their business and achieving professional success.

So…If you’re trying to run a business but drowning in a sea of tedious tasks that never seem to end…

If you want to escape the trap of being busy and start achieving more than you ever thought possible in work and in life…

If you want to focus on your larger goals and have someone else take care of the day-to-day, non-core tasks on your to-do list…

Increases Productivity

Let do us for you and increases your Productivity.

Save Your Time

You can save your productive time after hire us.

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How do we work

How VA Guru Personalized Approach Works


Understand your needs

We find out what you need and pair you with the best VA.


Kick-off call with VA

We introduce you to your VA to get the ball rolling.


Work begins

You establish expectations, agree on deadlines and assign tasks to the VA.


Work in progress

The VA works on your tasks while you communicate with each other.


Final product delivery

Your VA completes your tasks and delivers them to you.



Approve the tasks and assign more tasks to your VA as needed.

YOUR Productivity is OUR Goal

Let VA Guru be the business companion you need!

At VA Guru, we are Virtual Assistant specialists. Period!

We are a full-service VA firm with a wide range of offerings for busy professionals at reasonable prices. Since 2002, we have helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs streamline their businesses, build their brand and just DO MORE!

What do you need to take your business into the big leagues?

  • Web design?
  • Research?
  • Leads?
  • Support or Admin services?

We can do all this and more! All you have to do is ASK US!

Let us convince you otherwise!

Think You Don’t Need A VA?

Save time and money

We understand that your time is valuable. Remember the old cliché ‘time is money’? It’s true!

Hiring a VA is one of the best ways to save both time and money. And when you save money, you make money! Use the money you save to improve and grow your business.

Boost productivity

Sometimes you may not have the expertise you need for certain tasks. Instead of wasting time and effort on learning these skills, hire our experienced VAs. They can help you in these areas so you no longer have to worry about productivity loss.

Get more organized

If you’re serious about making your business a success, you need to be organized. Structure, processes, documentation, human resources, and best practices – these can differentiate you from your competitors. Our VAs can handle all these operational and administrative needs so you don’t have to do it all.

Grow your brand

It’s a noisy world out there! To create your own unique space, you need to stand out or bow out! Our VAs can help you boost your online presence so you can enhance your brand’s visibility and get people talking about it. From profile management to social media advertising – we have experts who can give you not just what you want, but also what you need.

Scale up your business

Want to scale up your business but lack the bandwidth to do so? In today’s competitive environment, if you want to keep up with demand and keep out of the competition, you will require more hands on deck. Enter VA Guru! Our VAs are highly-skilled and experienced and can hit the ground running – no matter your business need or goal.

Bridge skills gaps

With our VAs, you can easily bridge any skill or knowledge gaps in your organization. Need something done but don’t know how? No problem! You don’t need to waste your money hiring a full-time employee when you can hire us for a fraction of the cost! Our VAs can do a wide range of tasks. Just ask!

Supercharge Your Productivity. Become A Business Superstar!

VA Guru has been in the Virtual Assistants business since 2002. Over 500 businesses have used our services to save time and money, boost efficiency, raise productivity, and mine more value from their work.

Our Virtual Assistants are experienced professionals who understand that time is money. Before they start working with us, they go through a rigorous vetting process that tests their skills, attitude, and experience. Only the best get to join the elite VA league of VA Guru!

To know how VA Guru can increase your business’ productivity, get in touch! 

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Our Team

Meet With Our Experts

Balbir Bhadwal

VA Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant

Jatin Arora

Web Developer, WordPress, and Shopify expert having more than 7 years of experience

Stella Allen

Having 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing, blogging, and content writing

Balbir is a quintessential Business Consultant – focused and detail-oriented, and yet capable of seeing the big picture. These qualities are partly a result of his varied professional experience, which covers multiple focus areas from sales, operations, and business development to recruitment, training, and coaching. Self-motivated and with a voracious appetite for new ideas and knowledge, Balbir has over 18 years of total experience working with well-known firms in India and abroad.

For the past 11 years, Balbir has deliberately chosen the challenging life of an entrepreneur in order to design and deliver world-class business services and solutions to organizations all over the world. His flagship VA Services firm, VAGuru provides cost-effective, high-quality Virtual Assistant services to businesses who lack the time or in-house resources for specific tasks. With VAGuru, they can get on-demand help for a variety of non-essential tasks so they can give their attention to other more strategic areas to expand and scale their business.