Balbir Singh

Balbir Singh Bhadwal

VA Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant

Balbir is a quintessential Business Consultant – focused and detail-oriented, and yet capable of seeing the big picture. These qualities are partly a result of his varied professional experience, which covers multiple focus areas from sales, operations and business development to recruitment, training, and coaching. Self-motivated and with a voracious appetite for new ideas and knowledge, Balbir has over 18 years’ total experience working with well-known firms in India and abroad.

For the past 11 years, Balbir has deliberately chosen the challenging life of an entrepreneur in order to design and deliver world-class business services and solutions to organizations all over the world. His flagship VA Services firm, VAGuru provides cost-effective, high-quality Virtual Assistant services to businesses who lack the time or in-house resources for specific tasks. With VAGuru, they can get on-demand help for a variety of non-essential tasks so they can give their attention to other more strategic areas to expand and scale their business.

Kamal Deep

CRM Consultant | Salesforce Principal Consultant | Solution Architect

As a detail-oriented Consultant and Architect, Kamal is passionate about helping ambitious organizations realize tangible business value with CRM platforms like Salesforce. The leader and founder of a well-known CRM Consulting firm (SaaSnic), he has the ability to lead businesses towards success with CRM. Kamal’s deep expertise and knowledge of business analysis, requirements engineering, architecture design, and process optimization make him a sought-after CRM professional for many organizations, particularly in North America, Asia and Oceania.

With “SFVATeam”, Kamal provides innovative and affordable CRM Virtual Assistant services to SMBs and corporates worldwide. SFVATeam supports ambitious organizations with end-to-end VA services to help them save time and money with their CRM implementation. This on-demand VA offering enables busy business leaders to focus on their core tasks so they can improve their operations, grow their business, and prepare for the future.

Kamal Deep