We like to keep it Short and Simple!

Virtual assistance Guru is positively affecting business of people and companies by providing them efficient, cost effective and on time virtual assistance and outsourcing services at individual and corporate level. It aims at maximizing customers profit by taking care of the non core activities which consume precious resources in doing non value additive tasks. We go step beyond just virtual assistance, it takes pride in its commitment to help Businesses to benefit on economies of scale.

Formed by an amalgamation of the best brains in the industry with a cumulative experience of 120 years of the small and tightly knit management team who understand the nuances of modern business and understand the value of delivering timely services at affordable costs. Virtual Assistance Guru has helped more than 500 companies and individuals achieve their dreams to have an effective online presence. It has the distinction of being the Numero Uno in the field of Open source technologies.

Because we understand that every second spent doing an activity that is non core and does not directly add value is cost that can be saved.

Interesting!!!Virtual assistance Guru understands that you are at the helm and have important decisions to take. Give your attention to your CORE business.  Hence, the million dollar question. Why hire a virtual assistant?

We are all aware that it is a Highly Competitive Environment. Calling for High Productivity & Efficiency targets at reduced budgets. Management of NON CORE issues are not only costly and cumbersome but are Time Consuming and Uses skilled & efficient manpower for non related issues.

Our Mission:

Virtual Assistance Guru aims to leverage the combined experience of our experienced team and give our customers the "best ever" service. Our Mission is helping our customers to substantially reduce their costs, by taking care of their non core activities at the same time maintaining the highest levels of quality.